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ANDREW KAYLA x Alan Chan REIMAGINE 2020 Collaboration
Life is up and running, we are made to be ready


This year, 2020, is believed to be one of the most dramatic years for everyone across the globe. The pandemic has caused the world to experience an unprecedented challenge. It changes everyone’s mentality, thoughts, daily lives and work upside down. Nothing is inevitable anymore. People may go with the flow, while others may survive in adversity. Now, it’s the time to Rethink, Restart, and Reimagine. We believe that What goes down- Must come up, every cloud has a silver lining, so STAY POSITIVE!


When Alan Chan meets ANDREW KAYLA:
everything starts with a fate


Alan has a soft spot for leather shoes, until he met ANDREW KAYLA in PMQ, which surprises him. It was different from the traditional leather shoes that he used to wear, is ANDREW KAYLA’s signature leather athleisure sneakers that can be polished! When he further realized the premium quality and craftmanship of ANDREW KAYLA's sneakers, it is absolutely worth owning one! The design is contemporary, minimal and everyday. It soon becomes his essential fashion item.
Apart from that, the pandemic inspired Alan to rethink a lot. Witnessing the fashion retail industry has a drastically major impact, so he wants to contribute the society by curating a collaboration with ANDREW KAYLA.


The Design

The embossed monogram pattern on the sneakers creates a visual illusion, when you look closer to the arrow directions, you will find its pointing both ways, this also reflects everyone could have different perspectives, to rethink the relationship between ‘me’ and ‘we’.


The Package

A set comes with Alan Chan's unique designed shoe box, a tote bag, stickers, flying chess, shoe bag and a pair of extra black shoelaces are included.
The printed monogram on the outer of the shoe box. A unique original flying chessboard (a kind of traditional Hong Kong chess board game) is printed inside of the shoe box.
A portions of proceeds will be donated to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Response Fund



About Alan Chan



The Master of Hong Kong designers

Designer, brand consultant and artist. In the past 50 years of his advertising and design career, he has led the company to win more than 600 local and international design awards. His unique and distinctive style of "Eastern Love and Western Rhyme" design is highly respected by the international design community, bringing great influence and inspiration for the younger generation of designers. He also started to focus on design of graphic, products, and indoor spaces. Alan was awarded the DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer Award in 2017

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